Pontesbury ladies team.  


    Although most of the Ladies learned the game and could practice on the 'Nag' green, the team was not entered in the Leagues until the new green (by the cricket pavilion) was completed in 1999. In the year 2006 the team were promoted to Division Two in the Shrewsbury Ladies League.

      At the Annual General Meeting on the 6h February 2008 it was decided that the Ladies should be, once again, Captained by Sue Potter and her two Vice Captains. They made a good job of it last year and have the full support of all members of the team. The same thing goes for 2009 and 2010 we are a happy bunch under Sue and her vice captains.

    A few changes in 2009 for the Ladies Team. An opportunity came up that we could play in the Tanners Reserves League - a good idea, and not as much travelling for us. In 2009 we played as the new kids on the block with some apprehension, but were thrilled when we gained promotion that season. Playing in Division 4 was a bit more of a challenge, against the 'big boys' we had to work that bit harder. We did not do too badly and held our place in this Division (only just)  Next season we will have to play against one of our own Pontesbury Teams who are moving up to join us.