The Pontesbury 'Open' Competition. 2nd December 1973

Shropshire bowlers have never experienced a green as fast as Pontesbury Bowling Club's on this week-end. The occasion was a unique one in Shropshire bowling history - the first ever pre-Christmas event in December.

The organisers , Pontesbury Bowling Club with Doug Lawrence as organising secretary, never expected quite such conditions, first the snow which had to be swept away and then on Sunday morning heavy frost that needed the same treatment.

Although those who first went on the green were warned that it would be fast, they never expected it to be quite that fast as jacks and woods went off at an alarming pace. The competition was an unqualified success, with only a few bowlers failing to turn up on a bitter cold day. There were half a dozen braziers at intervals around the green and players and spectators were served with hot soup - coffee - and chicken in a basket.