In the year 2008 it was decided by the committee of Pontesbury Bowling Club to have a Doubles Competition to replace the Open Singles which have been running since  1977. Over the years it had become more difficult to fill all of the 256 places needed to run a good competition. We did however have a very successful Open Pairs.


2007        Clay Flattley            Castlefields

2006        Ian Booth                Chester Road.

2005        Simon Parsonage    Castlefields

2004        Wayne Phillips        Ford

2003        Darren Wellings      Pontesbury

2002        Wayne Phillips        Ford

2001       Mick Rogers            Ford

2000        Darryl Edwards      Ford

1999        Clay Flattley          Wem

1998        Tony Poole            Castlefields

1997        Carl Bowers          Hanwood

1996        Wayne Phillips        Hanwood

1995        Paul Williams          Castlefields

1994        Kevin Perks            Battlefield

1993        Paul Williams           Castlefields

1992        Competition not played.

1991        Ian Rodger              Oswestry

1990        Barry Keep            Castlefields

1989        Emlyn Jones            Pontesbury

1988        Ian Rodger              Oswestry

1987       Wayne Phillips          Hanwood

1986        Keith Pessall            Telford

1985        Ian Wetton                Stafford

1984        John Addison            Shrewsbury

1983        B. Shore                    Telford

1982        J. Piggott                    Wolverhampton

1981        Tony Poole                Shrewsbury

1980        Tony Poole                Shrewsbury            

1979        Mick Rogers             Telford